„We are both living in Ireland and are very busy with our professional jobs. Ay ear ago we decided to get married in Poland on the 21st of June 2017 but we found it quite difficult / impossible to organise everything due to the far distance and lack of time. We started to search an agency to receive help and we found 'PerfectDay' on the internet. After our first telephone conversation with Anna Piotrowicz, we made a contract with the company what she is representative and it was the best decision we have ever made.

Anna has done a very hard and professional job witht hehighest standard. In the time of preparation she organised meetings with dressmakers, hairdressers, florists, the DJ, photographer etcetera. On the first week in January when we stayed in Poland, she was presentin all of the meetings and gave very useful tips to us.We had no worries and fears.
Eventually, our Big Day was a real 'perfectday'. Everything was organised to the bits by very high and tasteful way, which made our wedding more unforgettable. Of course, Anna was present to supervise the event.

We are very thankful to Anna for her professional job.”

Agnieszka and Attila

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